Some further details

Some further details


Participants coming from abroad must have a valid passport and a visa for Israel. A SciTech staff member will be in the Arrivals Hall of the Ben-Gurion International Airport (located after customs) with a “SciTech” sign and will meet all arriving participants on the first day of the program.
When booking a flight please make sure it reaches Israel on the morning of SciTech first day.

  If you wish to reach the Technion independently, you will need to be at the Pre academic (“Mechina”) building by 15:00 on SciTech first day.

Upon arrival to the Technion, SciTech participants will meet their research mentors, team colleagues, social counselors, and will get to know the campus environment.

During the program, there will be day and weekend excursions across Israel.

Participants are accomodated in modern, fully-equipped student dormitory apartments.  Each apartment houses 5 rooms, with one participant per room, a kitchen, a dining room, and a bathroom.

Kosher Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided to all participants by SciTech. Any additional snacks may be purchased by the participants’ own expense. Except for the pool cafeteria, all cafeterias and eateries on the Technion campus are kosher.

Services and Facilities Located on Campus

  • Computer labs suitable for the participants’ research
  • An extensive library system suitable for the participants’ research
  • Cafes, eateries, and cafeterias across the entire campus
  • State of the art sports and pool facilities
  • Student Supply Store
  • Post Office
  • Mini Market
  • Laundromat
  • Orthodox Synagogue

Medical Insurance
All participants coming from abroad will be medically insured for the duration of the program.